Here are a few ideas for affirmations.

For Love and Peace

* I am happy
* My mind is at peace
* I am calm and relaxed at all times
* My thoughts are under my control
* I am surrounded by love
* I radiate love and peace
* I have loving relationship with my wife/husband
* I am at peace with the Universe
* I love and accept myself
* I am surrounded with loving people
* I am loving and accepting of others
* I trust the wisdom of my inner being
* I am always connected with Divine Love

For Prosperity and Success

* I am getting wealthier every day
* I study and learn fast
* I have the perfect job
* I am living in my dream house
* I am successful in whatever I do
* I always have enough money
* Everything is getting better every day

For Health

* My body is healthy
* I have lots of energy and vitality
* I can control my health
* I can maintain my ideal weight

Obviously, you can tinker with these and come up with your own to exactly suit your personal goals and desires. Just remember to keep them positive, present tense, and passionate.

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