Self Awareness Building and Human Consciousness Raising Facts

From low to high, the degrees of consciousness are: disgrace, guilt feelings, apathy, sorrow, dread, want, angriness, pridefulness, bravery, disinterest, willingness, acceptance, understanding, love, delight, peace, enlightenment.

Altho we can jump in and out of different levels at assorted times, generally there’s a prevailing “normal” for us.

The following articles will go over these levels in order. There is a logarithmic scale to define where a person is, so there are far fewer people at the higher levels than at the lower ones. An step-up from one level to another will result in tremendous changes in your life.

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  1. Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs
  2. Disgrace and Guilt
  3. Apathy and Sorrow
  4. Dread and Want
  5. Angriness and Pridefulness
  6. Bravery and Disinterest
  7. Willingness and Toleration
  8. Understanding and Love
  9. Delight and Peace
  10. Enlightenment

I believe you’ll find this model worthy of contemplation. Not only individuals but likewise objects, events, and whole societies can be ranked at these levels. Inside your own life, you’ll see that a few parts of your life are at different levels than others, but you should be able to distinguish your current overall level. Consider the heaviest influences in your life right now. Which ones raise your consciousness? Which ones depress it?

We’ll by nature waver between multiple states throughout the course of any given time,. One way to work out your “natural” state is to consider how you do under pressure. Do you get paranoid and close down (dread)? Do you begin shouting at people (angriness)? Do you get defensive (pridefulness)?

Everything in your surroundings will have an effect on your level of consciousness. Television. Movies. Books. Sites. Individuals. Places. Objects. Food. If you’re at the level of understanding, watching the news (which is predominantly at the levels of dread and want) will temporarily bring down your consciousness. If you’re at the level of guilt, news will really raise it up.

Advancing from one level to the next calls for an enormous amount of vigor. Without conscious effort or the assistance of others, you’ll likely simply stay at your current level till some outside power comes into your life.

Observe the natural progression of levels, and think about what happens when you attempt to short-cut the process. If you try to achieve the level of understanding before mastering self-control (willingness) and goal-setting (toleration), you’ll be too disorganized and out of focus to use your mind to its full extent. If you attempt to push yourself to the level of love before you’ve mastered understanding, you’ll suffer from gullibility and may wind up in a cult.

Ascending even one level can be highly difficult; most individuals don’t do so in their entire lives. A change in just one level may radically alter everything in your life. This is why individuals below the level of bravery aren’t likely to progress without outside help. Bravery is required to work on this consciously; it boils down to repeatedly betting your whole reality for the chance to become more witting and aware. But whenever you achieve that next level, you recognize clearly that it was a good change.

I think the most significant work we can do as humans is to raise our individual level of consciousness. When we do this, we circulate higher levels of consciousness to everybody around us. Envisage what an incredible world this would be if we could at least get everybody to the level of toleration. According to Hawkins 85% of the individuals on earth live below the level of bravery.

When you temporarily feel the higher levels, you are able to see where you must go next. You have one of those instants of clarity where you comprehend that matters have to change. But when you dip into the lower levels, that memory becomes blurred.

We have to go along consciously taking ourselves back to the roots that can help us finish the next leap. Each step calls for different solutions. But you can’t hit the greater levels if you haven’t surmounted the basics first. Jesus was a carpenter. Gandhi was a lawyer. Buddha was a prince. We all have to begin somewhere.