I am free from any desire to smoke.

I am free from any desire to smoke because I have decided to have a clean and healthy body. When I make up my mind, I stick to my decision. What my body craves is exercise and cleanliness. My health is something that I work hard for.

I am healthy. I am stronger than any addiction. I am stronger than any urge.

Smoking is detrimental to my health. I refuse to let such a small thing destroy my health.

The thought of placing a cigarette in my mouth repulses me. Cigarettes cannot tempt me. While my mind fights the temptation, my body battles the urge. But I know that I have already beaten this giant.

I refrain from smoking because I love my body. I deserve better than to purposely introduce a carcinogen into my body.

I also do it for the love of my children. I keep the air free from contaminants for those around me. I refuse to be a source of pollution.

Advertisements cannot coerce me into doing something I know is bad for me. I am smarter than to be lured by false images. At stores, I walk far away from the cigarette counter to protect my mind from the temptation.

If I see someone smoking, I protect my heart by walking in a different direction. I do not compromise long term health for a momentary pleasure. I stay far away from people who smoke.

My life is worth more than a quick fix. I value my relationships more than my own selfish desires. My heart desires happiness. For that reason, the cost of giving up smoking is worth it. I have made the conscious choice to live my life free from any addictions.

Affirmations For Quitting Smoking Reflection Questions:

1. How do I avoid temptation?
2. What are some healthy habits that I enjoy?
3. What does my heart truly desire?