Stress challenges me to do more and be more.

A healthy dose of stress is something I can use to motivate myself to achieve great things. Stress is the propeller that energizes me to fly over any challenges. Deadlines and expectations keep me on course.

I push myself because I believe that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. The more I am pushed, the further I go. I have the right amount of stress on my shoulders that encourages me to excel, rather than to settle for mediocre work.

I embrace pressure because it keeps me from becoming complacent. When I feel pressured, I innately want to push back. I use that additional force to go further than I thought I could go. A gentle pressure is all I need to work harder.

When I am under stress, I feel like I am competing against my own previous performances. Being competitive is part of my nature and I always welcome a daring challenge without fear.

When I feel challenged by stress, I put on my fighting gloves and give it all I’ve got.

When life throws me a curve ball, I use hard work and determination to hit it out of the ballpark. My performance is enhanced when I know that there are high expectations on me. I aim to exceed expectations because my goal is to astound.

Stress keeps me active and energized. When I am working under stress, I do not have time to stop and feel sorry for myself; instead, something inside me rises up and I achieve more than I ever imagined.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is there a stressful challenge that I have been backing away from?
2. How can I change my attitude about stress in order to accomplish more?
3. When have I impressed myself with my performance while working under pressure?