Mother Teresa – This great personality was born in Albania. Right from the age of 18, Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, popularly known as mother Teresa, was into spirituality. It was in the year 1931, when this young girl with a golden heart, acquired the name Teresa from the French nun Thérèse Martin. In 1937, she took vows and began teaching in Saint Mary’s High School in Calcutta.

In 1948, she got another opportunity from God to serve the society. The same year, mother Teresa was relieved by Pope Pious XII from her services and she was granted the status of an independent nun. And thereafter, she got engrossed with the task of serving the poor and sick people of Calcutta. The coming years witnessed the setting up of a charity organization called the Missionaries of Charity. In 1950, her source of concern was the care of lepers, the people discarded by society.

Missionary of Charity opened its branches in almost every country to assist the poor, elderly, blind and people suffering from deadly disease like AIDS. For the bright future of children, she opened up schools. In 1979, she was awarded with Nobel Prize for the services that she had rendered to the society. But the journey of this great messiah on earth ended in August 1997, when she made her way towards the heaven.

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