I have a wonderful family tree that shades me in times of change in my life.

My family surrounds me and covers me when things become difficult or scary in my life.

Like a strong oak tree with branches that offer cool shade from the glaring sun, my family shades and protects me. Rather than being lessened by the shade, I am made stronger and revived by it.

As I grew up, I would often feel that I should be able to handle everything myself; needing my family meant that I was not able to make it on my own.

I felt ashamed if I needed to call my mother when someone broke my heart. I felt embarrassed that I needed my father to come help me with my new home. I felt weak when I needed to talk with my siblings about the difficulties of life.

Then I realized that my family strengthens me, not weakens me.

Today, I am grateful to lean on my mother when my heart is broken, I happily ask my father to come help me with tasks at home, and I cheerfully call my siblings to vent my daily difficulties.

I feel good about the great relationship we have and enjoy the cool protection of the shade of my family tree.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How has my family made me stronger?
2. How have I been protected by my family tree?
3. Have I appreciated my family today?