Attending work meetings is helpful to my overall performance.

I have a positive attitude about staff meetings at my work because they have a purpose. They get everyone on the same page so we can work as a unit.

At meetings, I get to share my ideas and listen to the thoughts of others. As a team, we convene to collaborate on new plans. When we work together we are able to pay closer attention to detail because we can see things from many perspectives.

My overall performance improves when I listen to my colleagues’ points of view. I welcome the input of others, especially those more seasoned than myself. I am grateful to have the opportunity to discuss my work with experienced professionals.

The time I invest in meetings is well spent. There, I become informed about things going on in my workplace that I may not have been aware of. This helps me connect the dots and gain context for my work.

When we meet, I also get to listen to others’ stories of success. This helps encourage me in my own work.

Regardless of how long meetings take, I keep a positive attitude. I help my colleagues stay on topic to prevent meetings from running unnecessarily long. My mind is focused on the task at hand, rather than wandering off thinking about all the things on my to-do list.

Today, I choose to attend work meetings with a positive attitude. I make valuable contributions to the conversation. I choose to see meetings as an opportunity for me to learn from others and collaborate with them.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Why are meetings essential to my job performance?
2. Could I participate more at work meetings?
3. What do I want to learn at my next meeting?