Each time I fall, I build the strength to get up and persevere.

Life is filled with experiences that teach valuable lessons. When I suffer a setback, I gain a little more strength to overcome the next one.

As I experience financial shortfalls, I end up with unwanted credit card debt. But I avoid sinking too deep that I am unable to recover. I reach into my creativity and perseverance to find ways to free myself from debt and maintain good financial health going forward.

Being consistent with exercise is sometimes challenging. Whenever I miss a few workouts, I remind myself of my fitness goals. I feel reinvigorated and ready to push through.

Having a strong will is possible when I work at it little by little.

When I am under pressure at work, I sometimes succumb to unhealthy eating. But that phase is cut short because I focus on my willpower to keep my diet healthy.

Planning my meals is a great way to ensure continued healthy eating. Although cooking is difficult when I am tired, I remind myself of its importance to my overall wellbeing. I push through the exhaustion and succeed at maintaining consistency.

Today, I know that the strength that leads to success is built in. I embrace my duty to dig deep and explore the extent of that strength. Once I find it, I feel confident in my ability to keep pushing.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What are some self-motivating things I say to keep me going?
2. How helpful is meditation to my ability to find a way out of a challenge?
3. In what other areas of my life is progressive development useful?