Physical activity is important to me and my family’s health

I value my health because I want to be strong enough to enjoy a long and active life with my family. I stay healthy by staying active.

Personal physical health is a priority in my home. I teach my family members that taking care of our health is one way we show love to one another.

Daily, I make it a point to get some sort of exercise. Whether it is swimming, running, riding a bicycle, or simply walking, I strive to be active every day.

I enjoy staying active with my family. Taking an evening walk after dinner is one way we exercise together. When we take a stroll, not only are we strengthening our bodies, but also our relationships. Time spent together with my family is always a pleasure.

I am teaching my children that exercise is not only something they should do to keep their bodies healthy, but also that it can be fun.

As a result, my children have a positive attitude about physical activity. Often, we turn on some lively music and have a dance party. We share lots of uncontrollable laughter as we get our hearts pumping and work up a sweat.

Thanks to my efforts, my children prefer to be active in sports or ride their bicycles to watching television. Our idle sitting time is limited. Even on rainy days, my kids choose videos that promote dancing and other physical activity.

Today, I choose to engage in a fun, physical activity with my family. I choose to make our personal health a priority. By making exercise fun, I am promoting a healthier lifestyle through physical activity.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How can I be more active today?
2. What physical activities can I incorporate into my family time?
3. Why is it important for me to model an active lifestyle for my children?