I can work under pressure.

I perform my best work under pressure. When deadlines are approaching or there are critical eyes looking over my shoulder, my talent shines brightest. Pressure is my fuel. I complete quality work on time every time.

It may seem like I put off work at times, but in reality my responsibilities are cooking on the back burner. Unlike a procrastinator, I am well aware of my deadlines as I devise a plan to get all of my work completed.

Deadlines are motivators that push me to increase my performance. Just like when a basketball game goes into overtime, my game gets better the closer I get to the final buzzer.

When people attack me with their criticism, I refrain from blaming others for my shortcomings. I keep my cool, instead of allowing my emotions to take over. With gentle grace, I vow to prove them wrong with the quality of my work.

Regardless of how much is on my plate at any given time, I organize my thoughts to be successful. First, I think of how blessed I am to possess the talent to accomplish all that is asked of me.

A grateful heart is a powerful weapon. A positive attitude empowers me against the stressful effects of pressure. Instead, through gratitude, I use pressure to my advantage. I enjoy the thrill of working under pressure and seeing what I am capable of producing.

Today, I choose to lay down my pride by gathering all of my energy to improve my performance. I ignore negativity in order to devote my attention to making progress.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my strategy for working under pressure?
2. How can I change my perspective on pressure?
3. What can I do to keep my peace?