Goals and Abilities

Aoals and Abilities

I am realistic about my goals and abilities.

I am perfectly aware of my talents and abilities and I set my goals accordingly. I take comfort in the knowledge that my goals are obtainable because I am realistic about my capabilities.

I succeed in my goals because I am reasonable and level headed.

Being aware of my abilities as well as my goals helps me to remain focused and positive.

I let go of self-doubt because I know I can achieve my goals; they are within my reach.

I understand and acknowledge that some of my goals will take more time and effort than others; still, I am confident that I can reach my goals because I have set them reasonably.

Today I will review my talents and goals and assess how close I am to meeting my objectives.

I strive to focus on the goal at hand and I believe in my ability to achieve it. I am confident because I set this goal with complete knowledge of my capabilities.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What goals have I set for myself?
2. What are my abilities to reach my goal?
3. Have I been realistic about my abilities and my goals?