I free myself from worry when I am away from my kids. My children are my most valuable treasure and I have chosen a safe place for them to be during my absence. I trust the people looking after my children to genuinely love and care for them.

My kids are safe and protected even when I am not around. Although I am a wonderful parent, there are other people fully capable of taking good care of my children.

I can peacefully relax because my young ones are well cared for. I allow myself to get lost in the moment without thinking about my kids. My mind is able to concentrate on a good book, a movie, or a conversation without constantly remembering my kids.

I reject guilt about leaving my children behind. Time alone helps me renew my energy so I can become a better parent and person. I need time away from my children to collect my thoughts and refresh my mind.

It is perfectly normal for me to miss my children when we are apart, and I have the strength to handle those emotions with grace. I exercise self-control over my sadness. Time away from my kids is something I look forward to.

I refrain from calling excessively to check on my kids. The person I have entrusted with the care of my children knows how to reach me in the event of an emergency.

Today, I choose to spend time away from my kids. I relinquish control and allow myself to have a good time, free from worry, because I know that my children are safe.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. When was the last time I spent time away from my kids?
2. How do I feel after I have spent a few days by myself?
3. Why is it necessary for me as a parent to spend time away from my kids?