For any situation, I carefully consider my choices, select what I want to do, and then follow through on my decision with gusto. Occasionally, after I carry out my decision, I see a better option. So, I simply switch to that option because I have the right to change my mind.

I realize that it is pretty much impossible to make the perfect decision every single time and I deserve the opportunity to alter my chosen path.

Making adjustments in life is something I do every single day. Because situations change, I am sometimes compelled to change my mind. My emotional and intellectual flexibility allows me to alter my thoughts and decisions as I see fit.

Some of the best things that happen to me come about when I exchange one idea for another.

The beauty of life is its presentation of many opportunities, events, people, and situations. And each day, I ponder the opportunities I take, the events I attend, the people I choose to hang out with, and the situations I take part in.

I am confident about my ability to select what is right for me.

Today, I know I can thoroughly evaluate my day and make the decisions that ensure I am living my best life. However, I also know that if I feel so inclined, I can change my mind because I have that right.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I truly believe I have the right to change my mind?
2. Do I ever follow through with a decision even though I would like to change it? Why?
3. How can I insure that I will change my mind if I feel the need to?