Self-Reflection : I can manage any stress I face in my life.

I am a strong and creative person and I have many tools I can use to deal with any stress that presents itself in my life.

I can fully experience my life without fear. I disallow stress to build up and cause harm to me mentally or physically. I lead a healthy and productive life because I proactively manage my stress.

I use music, meditation, exercise and relaxation as tools to release tension. Stress does not control me; instead, I am in control of my stress.

Music lifts my spirits and helps me release the pressure of my work life; I turn on peaceful music on my way home from work.

Meditation is a tool I use in the mornings to protect me from anxiety. I fortify my defenses by spending time in meditation or prayer in the morning.

I can effectively manage and release stress in my life through exercise. This renews me and releases physical tension, while strengthening my body.

I release my day’s stress in the evening by taking time to relax my body and mind.

Today, I will use my tools to effectively manage my stress. I will take time to build my defenses with meditation and relaxation and I will release stress and strengthen myself through exercise. I am in total control of my stress.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What tools do I have at my disposal to manage my stress?
2. How can I build up my defenses to manage stress?
3. How has effectively managing my stress improved my life?