I can remain calm in times of change.

I remain calm in times of change because I know that change is the doorway through which I attain growth. I keep myself open to change so I can recognize opportunities and take advantage of them.

I am confident in my ability to handle change because I understand that I do not have to absorb everything at once. Change involves a learning curve. I expect that it may take me some time to adjust, and that’s okay.

I don’t stress myself out by expecting to handle everything all at once. Instead, I focus on the piece of the task that is in front of me, knowing that I will become familiar with all I need to know.

If I make mistakes while adjusting to change, I am patient with myself. I am unafraid of mistakes because I see them as a sign that I am stretching and growing.

Learning from my mistakes makes me a better person.

I know that putting myself into situations outside my comfort zone increases my creativity and exposes me to new thoughts, relationships, and opportunities.

I do not fear change because I know that it is in my own best interest. I can remain calm in the face of change and look forward to the opportunities within.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I resisting a change because of my fear of making mistakes?
2. What opportunity have I received because I was willing to be open to change?
3. How have I grown recently because of a mistake?