The most eminent level of human consciousness, where humanity combines with divinity. Exceedingly rare. The level of Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus. Even just thinking of individuals at this level can raise your consciousness.

Enlightenment – This is the most eminent level of human consciousness where one has become like God. Many see this as Christ, Buddha, or Krishna. These are those who have influenced all of mankind.

Enlightenment can be viewed as a process, where if one understands the process (even if one doesn’t/can’t/is not able to apply it), then that individual could have accomplished a state of enlightenment (in thought). Likewise, if one implements the process, with or without being cognizant of their actions, then they’ve accomplished a state of enlightenment (in deed). Indeed.

Since we’re human, we’re likely to screw up with regard to our actions every once in a while, even if we’re aware of what we should have done. All the same, this cogency is what enlightenment is all about. If you know yourself truly well, then you are able to take steps to rectify the situation even if there’s a lapse in action. Recognizing this is an enlightenment of sorts.

In this regard, I believe that you’ll be able to become “de-enlightened”, where if you fail to sustain a state of enlightenment, you stop living in that state. Put differently, if you accomplished your nirvana, a supreme enlightenment, through following the Eight Fold Path of Buddha for instance, and you breached the path, and then you’d lose your enlightened state. Regaining this state should be easier in comparison to the original attempt, however.

I’d say before one attempts anything, one should be centered and pure on their goals and the process at hand. This doesn’t mean that you give it your attention every moment, but that you’re not in a corrupting or ethically polluting situation. Your motivations must be pure in that you’re doing whatsoever you’re doing for its own sake and nothing else. This sort of lifestyle I think is necessary (for me at least) to accomplish enlightenment.

Emotions are key to achieving the state of enlightenment. Emotions influence the use of our intelligence. However, our minds and brains are potent tools and if you are able to accomplish an enlightened state with many or all of your emotions, then productivity and progress will be easier. There’s a paradox of sorts here, however: all emotions, even the supposed negative ones, are part of the human intellect. To completely block off these emotions I think is in the end destructive.

Yet, how can one accomplish a state of contentment (or apathy, or blissfulness) while expressing these strong emotions? In my view, the answer dwells in the application of these emotions. Any emotion, when applied constructively, can be positive.

As well As long as you harbor resentment towards a particular individual or action, you’re not very likely to feel calm or content and you’re definitely not living in any sort of any equilibrium.

I think the key to forgiveness is to realize there’s nothing to forgive (i.e., go beyond forgiveness). Individuals do things on purpose or accidentally and it is unrealistic to expect that in a complex system all interactions will go the way you want it to. Thus when a individual does something that affects you negatively, the last thing you can afford to do is give into those emotions. This is easier said than done, but again requires adopting a Sartrean existential world view that you’re solely and ultimately responsible for your actions.

Discover truth/wisdom in life (gives you inner peace), give unconditional love to yourself & others (gives you joy), and develop & express your creativity (gives you courage/strength).Find your purpose or passion or mission in life (it’s not the general instinctive/biological purpose of breeding, but something far bigger)acquire your own living philosophy (philosophy of life) that will profit you & others and follow them all the way. Even the great Buddha, Jesus, and Benjamin Franklin did this. Share what you acquire by giving back to society. This might include teaching other people, giving money to society, and assisting those in need. This is a vital step to obtaining enlightenment as you’ll feel an abundance when you give and the joy of helping others.

Never believe you have learned everything, but go along your journey in life to keep on improving. By believing you know everything is being ignorant and soon your current knowledge will dissolve. Also, enlightenment isn’t a product but a process of how you develop yourself and live your life.

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