Life changes line up with my goals, beliefs, and attitudes.

My life is organic, so it is always changing. Like a flower, my roots are always spreading and my limbs extend toward the sun.

Changes enter my life and I adjust. Because changes are a part of living, I am not surprised when something unexpected happened.

Being prepared to alter my plans or accommodate new circumstances shows that I understand the important nature of change. I am confident that no matter what may come my way, I can realign myself to incorporate the change.

I imagine a beautiful potted flower. As the flower has grown, it has lifted itself toward the sun. However, if the position of the pot were to change, the flower would continue to thrive and simply adjust, its petals again searching out the sun.

Sometimes I imagine my goals, beliefs, and attitudes as the bright sun and picture myself as the beautiful flower. I am reminded that, even if my direction is turned, I will continue to grow toward the sun.

Thinking of my life in these terms helps me see that I am drawn toward good things and positive experiences.

Changes in my life do not intimidate me. When my life changes, my goals, beliefs, and attitudes will adjust as well. This is a natural part of living and growing.

As I grow, I come closer to reaching my goals. Even if I must alter my path, I find that I am blessed because I can overcome change and emerge as a more balanced person because of the experience.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I anticipate changes in my life?
2. How can I prepare for the changes I may experience?
3. When I experience change, do my goals, beliefs, and attitudes realign?