Making others happy is my joy.

I get immense pleasure from contributing to the happiness of those around me. I believe the world is a better place when its inhabitants are in positive mindsets and I want to contribute to that as much as I can.

My happiness comes from being content with my circumstances.

I acknowledge that not every day brings me a bed of roses. Challenges and unexpected circumstances happen to everyone, but I refuse to allow them to define me. My state of being is independent of any situation in my life.

When my words or actions result in making someone happy, I feel pleased. I then endeavor to perpetuate this positive action because I like to bring joy to others. If I ever contribute to someone’s unhappiness, I do my very best to avoid repeating the behavior.

I believe that making other people happy is one way of fulfilling my purpose on earth.

When I do or say things that are pleasing to others, I feel the light of my Creator shining through me. I feel light, like I am floating on air. And because I relish that feeling, I persistently do what I need to do to maintain it.

Today, I focus on doing what I can to make others happy. I embrace my personal feelings of joy and peace that come when I make a positive impact. And I am grateful for every opportunity to act in ways that enrich others’ lives.

Self-Reflection Questions For Making Others happy

1. What constitutes happiness for me?
2. How do I ensure my own joy and inner peace?
3. Today, what small thing could I do to contribute to someone else’s happiness?