Limitations are only as limiting as my mind allows them to be. I look at having physical challenges as an opportunity to think creatively and still succeed.

Having lower back issues is debilitating but I avoid the urge to remain sedentary. I research options for exercise that protect my back while allowing me to stay in shape. This approach produces more favorable results than being inactive.

Being physically limited means working smarter to get to the same end goal as someone who is physically sound. I am up for that challenge.

When I shift the focus from what I am unable to do, I get a chance to identify what I am capable of.

I exercise my mind and think creatively to find a way around my challenges.

Overcoming a physical difficulty requires the same mental commitment as any other difficulty. It takes believing in myself and exercising patience.

My ability to be successful resides in my decision to act upon positive thoughts instead of negative feelings.

My value system leaves little room for giving up. If I seem stuck, I regroup and recommit to a new course of action. This approach builds the mental fortitude that breeds success.

Today, I see my physical challenges as an opportunity to identify alternatives. My mental toughness allows me to overcome whatever stands in the way of achievement. I welcome difficulties that force me to develop my mental fortitude.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I go about developing mental toughness?
  2. What impact do the success stories of others have on my self-belief?
  3. Who in my life serves as a source of encouragement?